About us

Hi! We are DataLonga

We craft innovative high end data solutions for clients worldwide.

We setup and manage your data platform with the most suitable components for your needs in your data center or cloud with modern  open-source data tools



A fresh expertise



Successful cases

High level of competence

Our experience will help you get greater value out of your data

Companies that see data as a strategic value will survive and grow. With open source data technologies, we implement your strategy without incurring license costs.

Big Data
8 years
Cloud Data Engineering
2 years
Apache Spark
6 years
Data Engineering
4 years

Guaranteed results

Tried and tested best practices and solutions.

International experience

Extensive international experience.

Perfect implementation

We do not leave your business to chance. Precise results with proven methodologies.

General Information

  • It was established in March 2022.
  • Trade name DataLonga Bilisim A.S. VBO is a registered trademark.
    Provides consultancy and training services in the field of data engineering and science.
  • It is based in Istanbul.
  • 2 data/ml engineers, 2 data engineers, 2 data scientists, 1 statistician, 1 administrative and financial affairs specialist
Industry's leading experts
  • Senior ML/Data Engineer
  • 10+ years IT experience
  • 6+ years data related positions
  • USA, Europe and Turkey experience
  • ML/Data Engineer
  • 2+ years experience
  • Junior Data Engineer
  • Intern Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Training Coordinator
  • Administrative and financial affairs specialis

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