Fault Tracer

Automatic abnormality and fault detection

Track energy and water usage. Identify anomalies to optimize operations. Automatically detect spikes, leaks, and other inefficiencies in your electricity, gas, and water consumption. Gain real-time insights into your resource consumption. Get proactive alerts for potential issues in your operations. Monitor electricity, gas, and water use. Our system automatically detects unusual consumption patterns, helping you identify and address potential problems.


In a world where systems are becoming more complex; Traditional manual fault detection and reactive intervention methods are inadequate to meet the evolving demands of various industries.

The lack of an automatic mechanism to quickly detect anomalies, errors and deviations in systems increases the need for manual manpower, negatively affecting operational efficiency, resource optimization and overall efficiency. Delayed detection of some errors that could be prevented in time leads to greater problems and costs.

In systems that regularly produce data, it is possible to detect problems in a timely and automatic manner with this data.


You no longer have to wait until tomorrow to find out what's happening in your operations today.

FaultTracer, an adaptable solution for fault detection, finds the fault or error you define according to your own criteria and sends it as a work order/call to your system via an API.

By noticing malfunctions or errors in time, you can intervene quickly, increase your service quality, and shorten your maintenance and repair times.





Open Source Code

It uses completely open source code and tools.


You can adapt it to your own needs and change the codes.

Works in any environment

It can operate in physical, virtual, cloud and container environments.

Reporting and alarm

It provides reporting on fault detection at the desired frequency and gives an alert when the system encounters a problem.

Full automation

The system works automatically on its own, no manual intervention is required.


Accelerating maintenance and repair processes

Informing maintenance teams simultaneously and thus accelerating maintenance/repair processes.


It reduces manual intervention, reduces workload and related errors, and accelerates fault detection.


All components are open source. There is no dependency on any brand or company.

Customer happiness

Solving the problem before the user/customer realizes it and increasing satisfaction.

Side benefit: Use as ETL

The Apache Spark cluster on which the application runs can also be used as an ETL tool with Python or SQL. Spark jobs can be orchestrated with Jenkins.


Platform deployment in containers, VMs or cloud.

2,000 USD

Application Compatibility

Adapting the application to your system.

1,500 USD

Usage Fee

Free. Free use unless support is requested during use.

Access to codes.

Maintenance and Support


1,500 USD / month

Working days only reply within 3 days Solution in 5 business day


2,000 USD / month

Working days only Response in 1 day, solution in 3 business days online meeting


2,500 USD / month

24/7 call pickup reply within 3 hours solution within 1 day online meeting In case of a problem, call without waiting.