Public Lighting Fault
Detection System

Illegal uses of public
lighting have been

Unnecessary consumption is prevented and energy savings are achieved

Failure detection and repair times have decreased, and material damage and accrual loss resulting from repair delays have been reduced

The use of Excel lists has been terminated, manual processes have been automated, and the workload in these processes has been significantly reduced

Active consultancy for the project continues

Hourly data read from public area (street, park, etc.) lighting meters were processed with Apache Spark, and an automatic work order was opened to field teams for luminaires that did not light up at night but were lit in vain during the day. An average of 400 faults are detected daily

It has been established with fully opensource software capable of real-time and batch dataprocessing

open source
is used

There are no license costs

Since the malfunctions were resolved before the customer notices, the requests to the call center decreased and customer satisfaction increased

Smart Public Lighting Management with Open-Source Technology


  • Unnecessary energy consumption: Lights left on during the day
  • Slow fault detection and repair: Delayed attention to outages
  • High operating costs: Manual processes and license fees
  • Reduced customer satisfaction: Unresolved lighting issues


We implemented an intelligent public lighting management system using entirely open-source software. This eliminated license costs and streamlined operations, enabling:

  • Automated Fault Detection: Apache Spark processes hourly meter data, automatically generating work orders for faulty lights (averaging 400 daily detections).
  • Real-time Insights: Proactive identification of issues reduces repair times and prevents potential material damage or accrual loss.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Faster resolution of malfunctions minimizes call center requests and improves customer experience.
  • Efficient Energy Management: Unnecessary electricity consumption is prevented, leading to significant energy savings.
  • Identification of Illegal Use: The system detects unauthorized usage of public lighting for further investigation.


Real-time and Batch Processing:

Gain immediate insights from live data streams while simultaneously handling historical data for comprehensive analysis

Scalability and Flexibility:

The platform seamlessly adapts to growing data volumes and evolving business needs.

Open-Source Technologies:

Enjoy the benefits of cost-efficiency, vendor neutrality, and a vibrant community for ongoing support.

Change Data Capture (CDC):

Detect and react to database changes instantaneously, ensuring informed decision-making based on the latest information.

Platform Management Support:

Our team provides ongoing assistance to ensure optimal platform performance and address any technical concerns.


We continue to actively consult on this project, ensuring optimal performance and exploring further data-driven insights for continuous improvement.

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