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Stream Hook

Real-time streaming across all databases

Gain real-time insights by instantly moving operational data to your analytics environment. Make faster decisions with immediate access to operational data in your analytics platform.

Fault Tracer

Automatic abnormality and
fault detection

Track energy and water usage. Identify anomalies to optimize operations. Automatically detect spikes, leaks, and other inefficiencies in your electricity, gas, and water consumption. Gain real-time insights into your resource consumption. Get proactive alerts for potential issues in your operations. Monitor electricity, gas, and water use. Our system automatically detects unusual consumption patterns, helping you identify and address potential problems.

Lake House In

Unify Your Data. Unleash Insights.

Break free from data silos. LakeHouseIn combines the flexibility of a data lake with the structure of a data warehouse. Analyze all your data, from structured to unstructured, at once. Get the insights you need, faster. Consolidate and analyze all your data – no matter the format. Streamline your ML/AI/MLOps workflows. LakeHouseIn empowers data-driven decision making.