Data Platforms Consulting

Real-time streaming across all databases

Move your operational data instantly to your analytics environment. Whether you explore or backup

Installation, management,maintenance and consultancy of data platforms With open source modern datatools, we set up and manage your data platform with the components that bestsuit your needs in your data center or in the cloud.

Data Engineering Services

Are you unable to use the full potential of
your data? Do you have idle data?

Let’s work together to uncover the hidden power in your data and generate value from it

Data Pipeline Creation:

We process raw data using Spark and Airflow and prepare it for analysis

Lakehouse Creation:

We help you set up your modern lakehouse environment that combines the best features of a data warehouse and a data lake, and is compatible with batch/streaming workloads and artificial intelligence studies

Real-Time Data Processing:

We can capture and process real-time data streams using tools like Spark Streaming, Debezium Change Data Capture, and Kafka, and help you perform instant analysis

Data Visualization:

We create visualizations that allow you to easily understand complex data


Why Choose Us:

Experienced Team:

We work with a team of expert data engineers

Fast and Efficient Work:

We complete your projects quickly and efficiently

Flexible Solutions:

We offer customized solutions to your needs

Latest Technology:

We use 100% open source and cutting-edge tools like Kubernetes, Spark, Kafka, and Airflow

License Cost:

Our solutions do not include a license cost. Completely open-source solutions are used