Stream Hook

Real-time streaming across all databases

Gain real-time insights by instantly moving operational data to your analytics environment. Make faster decisions with immediate access to operational data in your analytics platform.


Organizations generate large amounts of data from various sources.

This data is often stored in isolated databases across different departments, systems and formats. Decision makers and business units face delays in accessing information in these isolated environments.

This delay not only affects the speed of decision-making, but also reduces the potential to extract value from data. Because the effect of the measures taken will decrease as we move away from the moment of the incident. Additionally, traditional reporting tools report information from one day in advance at the earliest. The speed and competitive conditions of today’s world require access to the most up-to-date information as soon as possible.


You no longer have to wait until tomorrow to find out what's happening in your operations today.

StreamHook enables you to obtain timely value from data by instantly transferring dispersed data produced by many different systems and applications to analytical environments.

As data flows through the StreamHook, you can undergo operations such as data type conversions, filtering and masking. Number of trips, fuel consumed, sales, deliveries, collections, etc.
It instantly visualizes the information that is important to you.




Real-time data transfer

It excels at real-time data integration. It connects seamlessly to your databases, regardless of their location or format.

Dynamic Visualization

With data visualization, users can explore data, uncover trends, and gain real-time insights with interactive dashboards, charts, and reports.

Data conversion

Fixes schema mismatch between source and target, can filter, mask or add new columns.

Schema Flexibility

Automatic adaptation to schema changes in the source.


Effortlessly adapts to new data sources and increasing data volumes.


Decision Support

Instant access to the most up-to-date information supports fast, informed decision-making across your organization.

DB Sync and Backup

Synchronize your data instantly. If you wish, you can transfer to a different database, for example Oracle -> PostgreSQL.

Operational Effectiveness

Eliminating data delays and providing visual information increases operational efficiency, allowing you to respond quickly to changing conditions.

Inter-Unit Cooperation

It encourages cross-functional collaboration by providing a shared data environment with intuitive visualizations, allowing teams to work harmoniously based on real-time information.

Future Ready

The ability to effortlessly adapt to new data sources and increasing data volume ensures your organization remains effective as it grows and evolves.

Lower costs

Eliminating data delays and providing visual information increases operational efficiency, allowing you to respond quickly to changing conditions.


Platform deployment in containers, VMs or cloud.

10,000 USD


Connector setup and initialization

50 USD / painting

Usage Fee

Free. Free use unless support is requested during use.

Access to codes.

Maintenance and Support


1,500 USD / month

Working days only reply within 3 days Solution in 5 business day


2,000 USD / month

Working days only Response in 1 day, solution in 3 business days online meeting


2,500 USD / month

24/7 call pickup reply within 3 hours solution within 1 day online meeting In case of a problem, call without waiting.